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Investing in university Grigori Grabovoi

Currently, the Serbian higher education system is in the process of reforms that create a variety of educational structures. The new Law on Higher Education is focused on higher education as a system and allows institutions and universities to choose their own organizational model.

Reducing its participation to nearly 15%, the state is thereby leaving the dominant role in the leadership of the higher education system of the country. Such a step can be regarded as an exceptional trust placed in institutions and universities.

Most of the Serbian universities are organized as free association of faculties, ie the University is a conglomerate that provides a common name for independent faculties.

Each faculty also has its own self-supporting infrastructure. In fact, every faculty is highly specialized (monodisciplinary) University.

The educational process involves a three types of activities:

- Lectures - presentation of theoretical foundations through full-time, evening, correspondence and distance learning process using the Internet.

- Training on the solution of problems or seminars - an explanation of methodology by solving specific problems and / or discussion on certain topics;

- Laboratory work - realization of practical experiments in a particular field of study.

The training system has three layers, that is, the Serbian universities offer three types of degrees:

- first (Diploma);

- Second - Master (Master diploma), a Specialist (Specijalist diploma);

- third-Doctorate - (Doctor of science).

To obtain the diploma, in most faculties the student must have passed all the exams according to the educational plan, as well as a final exam in which the student presents a written work on a particular subject. The number of exams depends on the faculty and varies from twenty to fifty in all courses.

Second-degree graduate program lasts one year for specialists and two years for the Masters. Students get a degree after passing all exams (six - eight) and defending written work.

Doctoral Programs are not specifically educational in nature. Instead, the applicant chooses a theme, makes proposals on the topic of the thesis to the faculty, which is subject to approval of the supervisor assigns.

The existing legislation defines five levels of teaching positions: Assistant trainee, assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. Company GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO is currently creating faculties and other forms of education at the University of Grigori Grabovoi.

Two basic forms of education are being created simultaneously. First, requiring the state accreditation. Second, made for a wide spectrum of tasks with less time learning process, for which, in accordance with the Education Law, state accreditation is not required.

The first task: Getting the state accreditation of the University „Gregori Grabovoi" in the Republic of Serbia:

The second task: Creation of educational forms and institutions-education with a smaller period of training and urgent education, which do not require state accreditation according to the Education Law:

At the University „Grigori Grabovoi" the following faculties are being created:

▪ Architecture

▪ Astronomy

▪ Security

▪ Biology

▪ Theology and Religious Studies

▪ Veterinary

▪ Geography

▪ Foreign Languages

▪ Culture and Art

▪ Mathematics

▪ Machine engineering

▪ Medical

▪ Management

▪ Mechanics and Mathematics

▪ Musicology

▪ Pedagogy

▪ Prognostic Management

▪ Psychology

▪ Sociology

▪ Special education and rehabilitation

▪ Technical sciences

▪ Technologies of eternal life

▪ Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

▪ Physics

▪ Philology

▪ Philosophy

▪ Chemistry

▪ Economy

▪ Law

State accreditation of each of the faculties will be made after the creation of sufficient grounds to obtain it. When the state accreditation of faculty is obtained, after graduation state form of diplomas will be issued. At the University, at the faculty "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi" will be lectured only the Education Program of the Teaching:

On the other faculties, education will be performed 80 per cent in accordance with the relevant textbooks and 20 per cent in accordance with the textbooks relevant to Education Program of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. In the lectures on subjects studied in such faculties, in seminars, laboratory and course work, teachers can choose by them selves 20 percent of the materials from the Education Program of the Teaching. Hence they can lecture the subjects of study in the context of securing, through this subjects, eternal life for all by the metods of Teaching. Or they can also use materials from the Education Program of the Teaching recommended or created by specific faculties.

In accordance with the license and sub-license agreement granting the right to use the works and trademarks through the publication of works, lectures and seminars on the works, implemented in the partnership, licensed training materials are introduced. Activities as a lecturer at the University of Grigori Grabovoi allows you to deepen and broaden the work that is done under license and sublicense agreements, achieve more intensive realisation of the ideologically important area of ​​implementation of the Teaching through government and other educational institutions. This educational ideology can significantly increase the number of students and provide them with the opportunity of fundamental education to ensure eternal life for all. Currently, teaching at the University of Grigori Grabovoi is formed on the basis of the structural divisions of the company GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO and implemented in all available languages ​​in person, for the audience at the registered office of the company GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO, in the city of Belgrade: Kneza Mihaila 21a, TC Milenium, Lok. 101 Beograd- Stari Grad, 111000, Serbia. Correspondence and distance learning via the Internet is carried out through our site:

and our platform for webinars:

Sign up for a available place for a full-time or distance learning, as teachers and as students, on the site

To work as a teacher, you can conclude an agreement with a company GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO, previously sending information about your good results of the use of technology or the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and information about your education to our e-mail address:

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Yours faithfully,

Director of Educational Center for Education Program og the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi


Grigori Grabovoi



The calculation of funding for the FOUNDATION

Grigori Grabovoi University


We are pleased to inform you the following about the foundation of Grigori Grabovoi University.
According to the action plan regarding the foundation of Grigori Grabovoi University, we currently are at the stage of completing the necessary documentation and obtaining the approval by the competent court of Belgrade for opening of Grigori Grabovoi University.
Initially, we will attract investments to create four faculties: : Faculty of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi, Faculty of Eternal Life Technology, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Psychology.
The following are the main parameters of the Investment Plan for the four faculties, taking into consideration a number of 88 students in one academic year at each faculty.
1. Premises of the University.
Four faculties with 88 students each for a five-year educational cycle means 1,760 students. Given that a gross area of 4.4 m2 is required per student, that means that the premises should have ​​7744 m2.
1.1. Option of building premises
Taking into consideration that the cost of building the fully cycle is 1000 EUR/m2, the price of the premises is 7,744,000 EUR.
1.2. Option of renting the premises.
Average rental price - 24 euros/m2, including taxes.
Price of rent for one year - EUR 2,230,272.
Five-year cycle - EUR 11,151,360.
2. The University will have 112 teachers, at the four faculties, during a five-year academic cycle, as well as 16 administrative-technical workers. That means that employment investments will amount to:
One year - 521,280 EUR; five years - 2,606,400 EUR.
3.Investments regarding the endowment of the computer class room, as well as furniture and equipment for the classrooms and library, amount to 360,000 EUR.
This investment plan has been conceived for the creation of four faculties. Multiplied by eight, it will allow to create all twenty nine faculties of Grigori Grabovi University.


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