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Testimony of Obraztsova V. on the results of use of the device PRK-1U


About results of the application of the methods of the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi
Using the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U  

Place of filling in the certificate : Almaty city, Kazakhstan    
Full name: Obraztsova Valentina Pavlovna

On the implementation of the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, I used method from the lecture of Grigori Grabovoi:
  1.Psychological rationing on numerical series.
  2.Books of the doctrine of God.

 I received the results: by event and by health (vision improved)
   1.  I am a sub-licensee for the application and operation of PRK-1U. There is a rapid process of understanding what is happening and also systematic work to restore the physical body through number series and through the correct work on the methods of teaching G.P. Grabovoi. I worked independently and in the group with the device PRK-1U for the restoration of the physical body. I realized that the PRK-1U device is a matrix structure of a set of energy that brings the target tasks of the group and the individual to their realization. I noticed that the more I work the more my living space and also the tasks that are set are solved more quickly.
       I got the result by working with the matter of eternity. I was on the bus and unexpectedly for myself I saw my exact copy in my future. As if it would was create a portal that connects two points in space: the present place and time and the future destination where you must come. You are here and you are there this is the same physical body with a different potential of abilities and opportunities where in your future you are more static and strengthened.
      When we took a bus brakes failed to operate in our bus.  I got my reflection from the future as a reflective ray, I simultaneously got the norm of the events and situations that I set before the trip: we are all alive and well, we reached our destination. I worked with a technical device (bus brakes) and at the same time to ensure eternal life for myself and everyone on the teachings of GP. Grabovoi .
   2.  I worked with the number series of the organ of sight 219317989312 and I realized that this is a whole system as the first glimpse of the Creator's vision: how would his entire visual system where at one and the same time through His sight He created instantly and all at once. And when I got into His main cell ,this  immediately went to the restoration of my prenatal period where the organ of vision is forming. But this happened already as not a man has but as a Creator. This recovery is going on until the present moment and is transferred to an endless future where there is a constant restoration of the entire visual system. I get a vision recovery like the Creator.  I want to sincerely thank GP. Grabovoi for his knowledge and science which helps to raise consciousness to another level. And thanks development of clairvoyance and predictive management, teaching helps to anybody  who needs this knowledge.

Obraztsova V.P.


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